Your Purchase Supports the
As the supply wing for  the Reach for the Stars ~   National Rocket Competition
our mission is to provide everything you need to get your kids involved in model rocketry.
Whether you are experienced or a novice, your group has 10 kids or 10,000 (or more)
 We offer help from purchase through delivery -
and from construction through launch

1.  How many competitors? (minimum 10)
2.  What age / grade?
(age 10 to 18)
3.  When do you want to launch?
4.  Do you have launch equipment?
(launch pad and control)
5.  Are you experienced?

Payment can be made via:
- PayPal or Credit Card
- Purchase Order by e-mail, mail or fax (206) 350-7880
- Check or Money order payable to SciCon Services
mailed to:      Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition Headquarters
          1683 Siesta Drive
          Sarasota, Florida 34239

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