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Reach for the Stars ~ National Rocket Competition - Registration Fees
Minimum 10 Competitors per event
Group Registration Fee
     10 to 50 Competitors =           $50.00
     51 and up =                     $100.00

PLUS Individual Competitor Entry Fee*   =   $2.00 each
*MUST be ordered with Group Registration

Group Registration Package Includes:
     National Competition - Group Registration
     Local Winner's Certificate & Letter to Parents
     National Competition - Entry Form
Individual Entry Includes:
     Individual Registration
     Full Color Certificate for Each Competitor
Whether they are framed and hung on the wall or stuck up on the refrigerator with magnets- certificates are a fantastic way to recognize and celebrate the achievements of your kids.

Certificates are a terrific method of informing parents, friends and neighbors of the work you are doing for their kids and the successes your group has met.

       - group of 25 competitors

Group Registration Fee    = $50.00
plus  25 X $2.00                = $50.00
Total due                            $100.00
email your questions
prices subject to change without notice
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