email your questions
or call
(941) 955-3958
3…. Answer the questions below to get a ‘no obligation’ estimate.
1.  How many competitors?  (minimum 12)
2.  What age / grade?   (ages 10 to 18)
3.  When do you want to launch?
4.  Do you have launch equipment? (launch pad and control)
5.  Are you experienced?  (Helpful - but not necessary)
2….  Order your rocketry supplies at $30 each competitor. Set your launch date.
Order at least 3 weeks early and save on shipping cost.
                         Remember to invite your sponsors to the launch.

1….   Have your kids build their own rocket. from a kit
Lift-Off .........  Each competitor launches their own rocket.
                          Closest parachute guided landing Wins!
     Enter your local winner’s results into
           this year's RFTS Competition.

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