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Quest     A3-4    Q-Jet Motors - 2 Pack                                                                              $9.99 msrp                              $7.99
Quest     A3-4    Q-Jet Motors - 12 Pack                                                                            $46.00 msrp                            $36.80

Q-Jets are the world’s most advanced 18mm model rocket motors.
They utilize a patent pending high-strength polymer case and bulkhead,
ceramic nozzle and RCSs exclusive Black Max™ aerospace- grade composite
propellant formulation.
Q-Jets generate a highly-visible exhaust plume
and delay smoke trail.
Q-Jets ship with a FirstFire Micro™ 2-lead igniter, which can be used with
any launch controller.
Quest Recovery Wadding – 100 sheets                                                                         $7.69                                       $6.15
Light blue wadding used to protect parachutes and streamers from hot motor ejection gases.
Comes in 4×4 sheets.  Flame retardant and biodegradable.
100 sheets per pack.
Wadding is compatible with Quest and other brands of model rocket kits.
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prices subject to change without notice
Quest Astra III™ Quick Kit Starter Set                                                                               $52.99 msrp                            $42.39
- combines
Quest’s rugged Astra III Quick Kit , (3) revolutionary Q-Jet™ A3-4
composite propellant model rocket motors and a complete launch system.

FirstFire Micro igniters offer the same reliability that customers have enjoyed with          $5.99 msrp                              $4.79
the other igniters in the
FirstFire line. FirstFire Mini igniters work on both 9V and
12V launch systems.
FirstFire Mini igniters are 8” in length and come single dipped in AeroTech’s
pyrogen mix.
Each pack of igniters contains 3 igniters.